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Emanate Excellence.

The most revolutionary and technologically advanced figure skate on the market has arrived.

Fit for performance using 3D foot scanning technology, AURA delivers unparalleled responsiveness, increased mobility, and exceptional on-ice performance.

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Defy gravity

With exceptional features.

Defy gravity

With exceptional features.

  • Custom Fit


    Utilizing our patented 3D foot scanning technology, AURA is fit for performance around the unique structure of each foot.

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  • Unibody Shell


    AURA’s boot structure – including heel – is a single carbon fiber shell that offers unparalleled responsiveness and impact reduction.

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  • Ultra Lightweight


    With a centre of mass weight reduction of up to 700 grams, AURA greatly enhances performance potential by unlocking greater jump height and rotational velocity.

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  • Engineered Flex


    Integrated directly into AURA’s unibody shell, our Engineered Flex Channel provides enhanced mobility for optimal jumping and landing.

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  • Protection


    Supported by its unibody shell, AURA provides superior impact absorption by dispersing force throughout the skate instead of directly into the foot.

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